The statistics behind breast cancer in Canada are staggering. One in nine Canadian women are expected to develop breast cancer in their lifetime. And the disease will kill one in 29. These numbers should hit close to home for any woman. But they hit especially close to home for me, as I’ve had breast cancer twice.

What I discovered when I was first diagnosed is that there weren’t a lot of people for me to talk to. Not a lot that I could relate to, anyway. I was a young, career focused, new mom. I had just returned from maternity leave and suddenly my world was turned upside down. The local cancer agencies put me in touch with a breast cancer survivor to talk to, however she in her 60’s and her experience with the disease and recovery could in no way relate to what I was about to go through.

This is how I found Rethink Breast Cancer. Rethink approaches awareness of the disease in a way that makes the message much more impactful to women under the age of 45. In their words, they “infuse sass and style into the cause”. And in 2007, I made a call to the Toronto founder and after she came to Calgary, we started a volunteer run Rethink Breast Cancer presence here in Calgary.

Through events like Boobyball, we’re able to raise money to help a generation of breast cancer patients that no one was speaking to. We provide emotional support for them and their family, plus a community of peers to draw strength from.

None of what we’re able to give in Calgary could’ve happened without the support of Long View. Long View has been our main sponsor since Boobyball Calgary’s inception and their support has allowed us to fund programs locally that make sense to this demographic.

Many Long View employees have either attended the event or were instrumental in helping to put it on. The most rewarding part of Boobyball is seeing the very people we are trying to help at this event! They dress up, show up, and are able to have a good time because the services Rethink provides help to give them the peace of mind to step away from their sickness for that night. That’s an important thing for their spirit.

Our 2013 event completely sold out and brought in over $86,000. The Rethink brand and the Boobyball event are continuing to be more recognized in Calgary, and I anticipate that next year will be even better.