Procurement By The Numbers

Our Procurement department is focused on helping our client’s acquire the right technology at the right price.  We want to ensure we are showing our clients how to buy a better way.  We want to be an important part of the IT supply chain that adds key value for our clients.

On many occasions we are asked to explain our expertise in regards to procurement.  We explain this by outlining our deep experience and strong relationships with our partners.  One of the key stats for our team is that we have over 382 combined years of experience in the area of technology acquisition.  This experience has helped our clients acquired over 1.2 Billion dollars worth of technology from us.  This means we are processing well over 26,000 requests per year across all of North America.  In order to ensure we get our clients the right technology it requires over 2,700 technical certificates through our services organization backed up by 1,240 product suppliers we can use to help ensure our clients get what they need.

Looking at specific manufacturer partnerships this means over 556 certs in the area of Cisco where we are a premium certified partner with Gold Star customer satisfaction rating.  In the area of Microsoft we have over 515 certificates and are North America Certified Gold.  For VMWare we have over 312 certifications and are a premiere solution partner.  HP has us as a North American Enterprise Preferred Partner with 179 certs and for NetApp we have 71 certs and area Premier FlexPod Partner.

By helping our clients both tactically and strategically we ensure that they can solve their business problems, propel their organization forward, and achieve their key goals.  View our infographic to see our Procurement department by the numbers.


Procurement by the numbers infographic

IT procurement in the market place can be like an iceberg, a lot his hidden. We can help you understand its entirety. Contact a procurement expert today!