In light of our most recent accomplishment – Cisco Customer Service Excellence award for the 10th time – I wanted to explore what exactly excellent service means. At Long View we are proud to be a service focused organization, but what makes any service excellent?

Let’s define it.
A good service requires all aspects of an organization coming together, delivered at the individual, team and company level.  Great service starts with all individuals providing excellent service, followed through in every aspect of the solution.  Starting in the sales and pre-sales process, it must carry through to product ordering/delivery, implementation, day 2 support – right down to invoicing.  Any breakdown in this chain will negatively impact the entire process.

What does it look like?  
When you order a coffee at Starbucks and get what you asked for, is that great service? No. Great service is the fact that they know your name and drink when you walk into your local store.  As an organization, we strive to take it to the next level and deliver our clients that something extra that they may not expect – we call it going over and above. Great service is getting what you asked for on-time and on-budget, all while exceeding your expectations.

How is it measured?
There are many ways to measure excellent service: customer retention, customer growth, customer referrals, but the ultimate measure is something we call the “raving fan”.  Long View looks to make every one of our customers a “raving fan” – someone that will tell their friends about the great service they received and how we exceeded their expectations.

The results speak for themselves.
As stated above, Long View was the proud recipient of the Cisco Customer Service Excellence Award; this award is given to Cisco partners who are able to achieve a 4.6 or higher out of 5 on customer surveys over a 6 month period.  The award is only achieved by the top 20% of Cisco partners worldwide, and Long View is proud to be the only North American partner to have achieved this award each of the last 9 years. Will continue to provide great service and make next year yet another perfect 10.