People are talking about us. Our endless hard work, relentless customer-first approach and dedication to delivering solutions that drive the business of our customers forward continue to garner industry attention and recognition. Our passion is paying off.

In the last week we were:

  • Listed in a Top 10 Canadian Cloud Supplier in an article in CDN Magazine published by IT World Canada, after interviewing IDC Canada’s IT services researcher, Mark Schrutt (and our own Dave Fredrickson!):

While the recognition is for two different areas of our business, more often we are talking to our customers about cloud and managed services together. We think this is a result of the  increasing IT challenges our customers face today, especially given the current economic climate.

As the CDN article discusses, there are many Canadian companies fearful of using cloud solutions. That is why we take cloud off the table until we understand our customers business, their goals and their requirements.  It is only when armed with the right data points, can we help our customers determine if they have workloads that would be better suited for a cloud solution like those in our OnDemand Cloud portfolio or with a hyper-provider solution like our friends at Microsoft with Azure or Office 365. If the cloud is the right answer and for any number of reasons it is best to keep it on-premises, we will help our customers explore options for optimizing and expanding existing infrastructure investments.

Although this customer-first approach to infrastructure across consumption models is a great way to think about delivering agility to your business and recognizing a number of benefits, the cloud is just one more way we are seeing IT get more complex. A growing footprint, changing requirements, specialized skills… for many of our customers, this is requiring their IT teams to spend more time “keeping the lights” instead of focusing on what they are passionate about: innovation, business growth, adding value. That is why our Managed Services are the back-bone of our promise to deliver “Worry-Free-IT” you can let us help keep things running smoothly, which lets you spend time on what’s core to your business.

We couldn’t be more proud of our most recent recognition, these aren’t new services or new approaches to old services, it’s the way we have always done things and these ranking just validate we are doing it right.

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