It might be a cliché but from my personal experience there is a huge amount of wisdom in it.  See without my Long View family, some amazing “good” would not be happening right now.  About a year and a half ago I attended an event called Startup Weekend.  A bunch of developers, entrepreneurs, and marketers get together and share ideas.  You select the ideas that the group likes best and then you work on them all weekend to see if they are legitimate and feasible.

That weekend I shared an idea that had been bumping around in my head for a while.  What if people could use small amounts of their travel loyalty miles to fund flights for people that needed to travel to see critically or terminally ill loved ones?  So you give 1,000 miles, I give 1,000 miles, our friends give 1,000 miles and together we get a loved one on a plane to be beside that person in a tremendously difficult time.  Since sharing that idea, Give A Mile was born and is closing in on having made 50 flights happen and given over 1,000,000 miles for flights of compassion.  That is nearly 50 people who would not have been able to give a hug, hold a hand, look into their loved one’s eyes, and in simple terms just been there to support them.

Can you imagine someone you love deeply dealing with a life threatening illness, and you couldn’t fly to be with them?  I can’t imagine it either, nor can the Long View family.  To say they have gotten behind the idea is an understatement.  The Give A Mile team is full of Long View volunteers, sacrificing their time and energy to keep growing this organization.  Whenever we hit a roadblock or a challenge, it has been a Long View person that has jumped in and provided help and guidance for us to continue to grow.  Whenever we have had “an ask” of our Long View family for help, they have come through in bigger ways than we could have imagined.

So we were extremely thrilled when Long View announced that Give A Mile would be the charity of choice for both the Calgary and the Edmonton golf tournaments.  As a new organization, every single dollar is important to us.  We work in a 100% donation model so all miles donated go to make the flights happen. On top of that, we pay the taxes on the flights and also have operational costs that we need to cover.  When we were given the news about Long View’s sponsorship, it was like a load had been lifted off our shoulders.  We would have some more resources to keep us moving forward.

Remember at the beginning, I said “you are who you surround yourself with”? Well that goes even beyond the Long View family itself. Avnet, one of Long View’s partners, has this amazing program called Avnet Cares and they also got on board for the golf events to help support Give A Mile.

Golf-event-big-cheque-pictureThe Calgary golf tournament was held in early July and you can imagine how floored we were when a cheque for over $22,000 was presented to Give a Mile that day.  I looked around the room, full of clients, partners, and Long View team members and realized that I was surrounded by people I wanted to be surrounded by and that the ecosystem that Long View is a part of is amazing.  I am truly grateful for this community that I get to participate in.  I have seen first-hand what happens when you focus on trying your best to live up to the key core values of Integrity, Competence, Value and Fun and it is remarkable.

It’s funny how things line up sometimes. Call it serendipity, coincidence, or maybe your belief system has a different way to explain it. But after the golf event, Give A Mile received 7 flight requests that week; a record number. And not once did we have to say no.

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