Laptops for South Africa

There is no summer break for the students at Ralthuga School in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, but judging by their smiling faces the students don’t seem to mind. Their recently painted classroom in the rural region of Limpopo is now home to 20 of Long View’s repurposed laptops. These laptops will serve over 500 students in their studies, helping them develop computer skills they will use throughout their lives.

Spearheaded by York University Children’s Studies Professor Andrea Emberly, “Team Limpopo” is a group of fifteen York students who have travelled to the Limpopo province for the past two summers to learn local culture and also to help the Ralthuga School clean up, paint and organize their computer classroom. The only hitch was they needed computers, and with such limited funding, purchasing them was out of the question.

It was at that point that Dr. Emberly reached out to her long time friend and Long View employee Michael Kochorek. After some digging Michael was able to scrounge together some of our old laptops, and with some help from a few dedicated employees got them ready for shipment. With a few hiccups along the way (delivery stalled in South African customs) the laptops arrived in Limpopo with barely a minute to spare and with the help of Dr. Emberly and her students they were able to set them up and also ran a two-week computer skills course for the students.
According to Michael, “It was a small thing for Long View to do, but it makes a huge difference for those children. The skills they’re learning will absolutely help them out in the long run.”

If you have a personal computer you’d like to donate, or if you’re interested in giving to Team Limpopo you can email Michael Kochorek at​

Laptops for South Africa-Team Limpopo