Ski-BlogAs the saying goes, “Those who play together, stay together.” A group of ski and snowboard enthusiasts from the Long View Calgary branch hit the slopes on February 22nd.

We had 47 people attend the company ski day this year, and the feedback from everyone was phenomenal. Luckily we got a fresh dump of snow, yes it was a bit chilly at -20, but that just meant an extended time socializing in the chalet. These offsite events truly help unite our people, especially since Long View’s in the consulting game. Many of our consultants are onsite at various enterprise and SMB locations around the city. These outings allow us to not only make lasting memories with new and old friends, but also a chance to learn more about various areas of the business.

Special thanks to the Long View Wellness Committee for making this trip possible. The refreshments, snacks and free lift to the hill really sealed the deal. We had such a good time that there are already talks of turning it into a full weekend get-away next year.

Be sure to check out the GoPro footage from our ski day! 
Full Video Here:


Video produced by Ahmed Al-Shami (Systems Consultant). 

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