Is your company prepared for the new style of IT convergence?

During a recent tour of the Americas, Asia and Europe, my meetings with customers were dominated by conversations about IT convergence. Data center convergence is rapidly ascending to a whole new order of importance for IT Managers and Enterprise Architects.

Let’s start with a look at how some major market shifts – Cloud, Security, Big Data and Mobility – are influencing how IT needs to be built, how services are consumed and how businesses operate.

As you know, the world in which we live and do business is changing. Fast. The volume of data and complexity we must manage keeps growing; and to stay competitive, businesses must respond to new opportunities – and new challenges – the likes of which our industry has never seen.

The numbers are staggering. According to industry analysts IDC, “recent research shows that worldwide spending on public IT cloud services is expected to approach $100 billion in 2016.”1 This might be good for businesses seeking speed, but it also poses a big threat to IT departments. Why? Because if IT can’t deliver apps at the speed the business needs, the LoBs will simply step over them and head to the cloud.

It’s not just about cloud. With the explosion of mobile applications, the rate of smartphone adoption and the ever-evolving mobile-enabled workforce, everyone’s role is being reshaped and redefined. As social business and digital commerce mature, they are vastly changing the customer experience and the sales fulfillment process and spurring innovations that touch all customers, partners and suppliers. Before long, each of these groups will become an integral part of the business feedback and workflow processes. I call that the “human experience”…and it’s poised to become mindboggling.

At the center is all the long-dormant information that’s quickly becoming the new currency of business. Again, according to IDC, “The worldwide Big Data technology and services market will grow at a whopping 31.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) — about seven times the rate of the overall information and communication technology market.”1 As mobile devices, analytics and storage blur the boundaries of the traditional workplace, enterprise IT environments must contend with enormous volumes of data – something I call the Big Data Mountain.

All this requires a new style of IT. Data center leaders need to turn on a dime, flex capacity on demand and serve up information to the right audiences in whatever device they desire. But the question remains: How do enterprises accommodate all these tectonic shifts while remaining nimble enough to compete? The new style of IT is among HP’s top priorities, and the answer can be found in HP Converged Infrastructure.

In this short video, HP President & CEO Meg Whitman explores the new style of enterprise IT. View the full one-hour webcast with Meg and HP Software EVP George Kadifa at http://www.hp.com/software/webcast

Converged Infrastructure is all about aligning IT to the application for any workload at any scale.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Aligning IT to the business has been talked about for years – just build an application-specific silo and voila!” Not anymore. Today, the app-per-silo mentality will only get you up the foothills. Conquering the mountains and gaining the simplicity, speed, agility and performance you need demands an approach that not only streamlines on-hand resources (servers, storage, network, management) but optimizes their use across the sum of your workloads. And everything must be dramatically simplified across the data center as a whole. (I can’t count how many times my customers have mentioned their longing for “simplicity.”)

IT remains at the heart of all these shifts, and IT still propels the business. As such, the pressure on IT is huge…and growing bigger. Using ‘piece-part, bolt-on’ solutions is no longer an option. Designing technologies and solutions to “just keep up” (versus designing them for convergence and the way businesses operate) is a recipe for diminishing returns.

You need to provision, plan and start climbing. Embrace the shifts and adopt a new style of IT that will power your climb.


As an HP Preferred Partner and HP Converged Infrastructure Specialist, Long View can help guide your ascent.[1] http://www.idc.com/prodserv/FourPillars/bigData/index.jsp

Duncan Campbell is the Geo Focal Executive for Converged Infrastructure in the Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking (ESSN) Worldwide Marketing Organization at Hewlett-Packard. He is also at the helm for Converged Infrastructure for the Small and Midmarket Business for HP’s Enterprise Business Group. Duncan’s 25+ years of enterprise and midmarket marketing experience span software, networking, services, PCs and systems as well as deep channel and regional expertise. Previous appointments include VP Marketing for Adaptive Infrastructure and VP Marketing for HP StorageWorks. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and BSc (Chemistry) from UCSD.