Mobility – the only thing that stays the same is how fast it changes. The struggle is balancing the continuous change with delivering on business demands and users expectations within your organization. Complexity is an understatement in the world of mobility and the fierce battle that rages for the overall winner in the wireless carrier and device markets make it comparable to the auto industry for deciding what is right for your needs.

Understanding this world was vital to growth and innovation.  Here at Long View, our clients needed expertise to support their growth in this mobility arena, so we built our OnDemand Mobility practice, team, and services.

“Mobility” is the keyword in today’s business environment. Overwhelmingly, owners and CIO’s from enterprises and businesses of all sizes around the world are frantically pushing to innovate and adopt mobilizing their workforce in order to stay agile and drive business growth.

Top mobile trends of 2013 include:

1. Mobile Device Battles
2. Mobile Applications
3. Personal Cloud and BYOD
4. Internet of Things
5. Hybrid It & Cloud Computing
6. Strategic Big Data
7. Actionable Analytics
8. Mainstream In-Memory Computing
9. Integrated Ecosystems
10. Mobile Device and Application Management (MDM/MAM)

Mobile market acceleration quick review:

  • 2010 iPad debuts
  • 2012 Smartphones and tablets pass PCs in unit sales
  • 2013 Smartphones and tablets pass PCs in revenues, 2x in units
  • By 2015 Tablets are projected to pass PCs in unit sales

Ask anyone what they are looking for in mobility and they will answer:  access to email, files, documents and the ability to collaborate anywhere, anytime from any device. Easier said than done in this ever changing world of mobility and mobile computing. But now is the time to begin harnessing the power of mobility and mobile computing’s power. That is exactly what we’re doing here at Long View.