As we carry out the summer months and head into the fall, conference season is upon us. Your employees will be traveling all over North America—maybe even all over the world—attending trade shows, networking, presenting, and gathering valuable insights to share with the rest of your organization.

If your organization has already deployed Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), having employees in different time zones won’t affect their productivity or access to company data. If two VPs on your sales team need to coauthor a PowerPoint while in different cities, they can do it in real time, even from their smartphones and tablets.

Your users can also access their documents and productivity apps from any browser with Office 365, so if they need to quickly print off a one-pager for a new connection, they can do so from any device with an Internet connection—including public computers. Most hotels have a business center where guests can use computers, and conferences or trade shows often have computer kiosks.

Anyone can access these, anyone can download documents to these public computers—and then anyone else can see those documents if they’re left on there, which might include proprietary IP or other confidential information. Or your user might not sign out from their Office account, letting anyone else using that computer get access to their account.

So what’s IT to do? How do you give your users the flexibility and productivity they need without compromising security?

Limit access with Intune

One straightforward approach: say “no” to unmanaged devices. It’s easy to limit email and OneDrive access to only devices that are managed by your organization using Intune, part of EMS.

Intune is Microsoft’s cloud-based management solution for mobile device and application management. It helps you give your users the anywhere, anytime, BYOD access they need while on the road, but helps avoid nightmare scenarios where well-intentioned users accidentally expose sensitive data to the world.

In this case, you simply visit the Intune dashboard and change settings so that only managed devices can be used to access email through Exchange Online, or documents stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

That way, you can make sure that your strongly authenticated users will not accidentally leave corporate data on an untrusted computer—making sure your data is secure during conference season.