Long View’s Justin Cohen is Interviewed by Computer Dealer News About the New Cisco Network Intuitive Platform

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Justin Cohen, solution architect at Long View and team lead for service delivery in central and eastern Canada

During the recent Cisco Live event, Computer Dealer News (CDN) interviewed Long View’s Justin Cohen, who is a solution architect at Long View and team lead for service delivery in central and eastern Canada.  In this interview, Justin spoke of how Long View delivers value and elevates the conversation, and how the new Cisco product launch plays well with Long View’s Security Operations Center (SOC).

The Cisco product Justin refers to is the new network intuitive platform. This new product brings programmable intent and context that reinvents “business with intent that’s powered by context to get closer to customers”. In the CDN interview, Justin says because of the intuitive platform we now think “about business applications from the get-go, and being able to program what your business wants into a network is fantastic”. Justin goes on to explain that Cisco rewrote the previous operating system when creating the network intuitive platform, with the result being that it is now a modular OS

“so they can start bolting on features that customers want… enabling analytics, security, and…things that they haven’t even thought of yet” ~Justin Cohen

The new Cisco network intuitive platform also has numerous benefits for Long View and our partners, as further explained by Justin. One such benefit is that value is delivered faster and with less complex products. Another benefit is that Long View can now offer more in depth analytics on encrypted traffic. This second benefit strengthens a company’s security while reducing costs, and

“to give you a statistic, processing encrypted traffic on a network takes 10 times the effort because we need to decrypt it first, then analyze what’s inside, re-encrypt it, then send it on its way to whatever destination. And of course, 10 times the effort means it’s very expensive” ~Justin Cohen

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