We’re thrilled to have re-qualified from a LAR to a Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) partner for Microsoft as they undergo, what I feel, is the most significant transition in their organization’s history.

The cloud is transforming businesses all over the planet, including both Long View’s and Microsoft’s.
Microsoft’s announcement of Long View as an LSP says that not only have we succeeded as a partner historically, but that we also share a vision of the future on how we can jointly help our clients with the opportunities presented by cloud. With the advent of new devices, cloud services and business models, we’ll be in step with Microsoft innovating together for our clients on how technology can inspire and transform businesses.

This transition from traditional transactional activities to managed services is a critical differentiator for Long View. Our organization has the ability to deliver to our clients everything from a transaction all the way through to its operation, and for many of our clients, we assume responsibility for not only procurement but also operations in complete transparency. I remember one of our enterprise clients telling us that one of the characteristics that defined the difference between vendors and partners was sharing accountability for business outcomes. It’s not just about selling clients software, but playing a strategic role and sharing responsibility for the software and its productive use.

Service delivery shift.
Microsoft’s move to Office 365 and Azure is the beginning of a long term service delivery shift and we share a vision of the opportunities that this will present for our clients. In our history, we’ve implemented Windows 7, Exchange, Lync, System Center and a whole array of Microsoft technologies for many of our enterprise customers that we work with. We’ve also helped our clients buy and renew enterprise agreements, manage true-ups and just flat out do a better job of asset management. Long View will continue to be engaged on all of these items but we’ll also be focused on ensuring our clients take advantage of the new opportunities to be productive anywhere and anytime that come with Office 365, leverage exciting new form factors like Surface and Windows Phones, and finally to redefine what data centers look like in Azure based hybrid cloud scenarios.

The 100 Year Vision.
I believe that in choosing a partner, it’s not only about today’s capabilities but the vision for the future and a track record of performance on delivering vision. Long View’s path to becoming a 100 year old company focuses on our people centric culture, our agility and creativity. We’re helping our clients manage new devices and service through our mobility management offerings, integrated hybrid cloud solutions and operational services. Our focus on being agile and creative in the market allows us to not only adapt but to thrive in a world of change. While we’re happy to be part of the technology and market shift, we also recognize that there are new pressures on us to perform for both Microsoft and our clients.

We look forward to the opportunities that being a Microsoft LSP will provide to our customers in ensuring maximum business value from their Microsoft investments.