December 5th marked the third year I’ve been part of Long View’s participation in an annual charity hockey game we play against C-Fox 99.3 FM, here in Vancouver. It was great to see some familiar faces from a couple of our vendors out playing as well; NetApp and Citrix both put in teams this year!

All of the money collected for ice rental during the seven months of games is pledged to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital, and many of the corporations that back teams match the donation amount, as Long View did!

Last year we lost our game despite having the ace leadership of VP of Services, Phil Edgell, on the ice for us. This year we were back to avenge the loss. We had a stacked bench, with 14 players, allowing us the depth to field three full lines against our competition. It was a good start!

We played very well and for the first two periods, were tied for the most part. Unfortunately, the puck didn’t bounce our way and we lost the game in a nail – biter of a third period, despite the gritty play and long range shot of hard-hitting d-man Dave Richardson, a Client Services Manager here in Vancouver.

Our loss was rewarded by the fact that our team was able to nearly match last year’s donation of $1600 to the hospital. In the end, that’s the stat that matters the most!

When I dropped off the donation, the C-Fox Sales Manager commended Long View Systems again. “You guys are great… always one of the top donations each year…we’ll give you another shout out on the air…thank you.”

Getting together with workmates outside of the office and doing something we love to support a charity is an extremely gratifying feeling. I’m very appreciative to my teammates for joining in, and to Long View for supporting our team.

We’re looking forward to playing again next year and coming out on top. But even if we don’t, we know that we’ll have a great crew of caring and hard playing employees out to promote both our company and to support the Vancouver Children’s Hospital!

That’s a win in any book.