This year’s PMI Professional Development Conference was another sold out success! Our Southern Albert Chapter does a phenomenal job of bringing in interesting keynote and session speakers. This year  was no exception that centered around inspiration for communications, physical presence and challenging yourself. The opening keynote featured Jan Hargrave, Body Talk expert, . She told us what handshakes, pulling up socks and shoe dangling can tell you about a person.

Warren MacDonald,, inspired us with his recap of the accident that left him as a double knee amputee. He opened our eyes to the challenge of change, and invited us to look at situations through a different lens. He still climbs and takes international adventures  – ask me about his Pier to Pub experience.

Skip Weisman,, is an inspirational communications coach who spent 20 years in junior league baseball. He shared his struggles with dealing with conflict and how he uses those real scenarios to show us what those common communication pitfalls are. His number one tip “Be as specific as possible-don’t make ambiguity your tag line!” and those of you that know me, know that I the “When can you have that done by? PM!!”

The highlight though was participating in the Project of the Year awards gala where we had nominated ourselves for the ‘Professional Development Provider’ category.  Our PMO has created a great project management course to explain the way Long View project managers work with our technical teams to implement Hybrid IT solutions.  Long View combines many different tools and approaches for coaching, mentoring and guiding our project managers, so what better way to boast about our love for development than through a professional contest. Watching our submission video filled me with pride, despite the fact that we took second place to a worthy competitor in SAIT Polytechnic. I look forward to resubmitting our application for next year’s competition!