Upon returning from the thought-provoking Gartner CIO Forum in Arizona, I thought I’d take the time to share my takeaways from the conference. With the main focus on how businesses are transforming in the age of the Internet of Things, it’s important to note that most people I talked to are facing similar challenges, no matter the industry or company size.

Look how fast the digital world is shifting. Really, it comes down to one key thought:  How does your company overcome the challenges of today? The answer is twofold. Innovation and agility.

How do you start? As a business leader you need to be building organizations that allow staff to move and grow with the developments of the present day. How will you communicate changes? How will you motivate and inspire, attract and retain key people?

At Long View, we’ve placed a huge focus on this. Between All Branch meetings, celebrating good news, the Over and Above awards, and establishing clear career paths for each and every one of our employees, we are building a work force that is not only excited for what is to come, they are prepared.

Agile and Lean methodologies are not new in the world (software development comes to mind) – but it is becoming clear that there are advantages to applying these to more aspects of business and technology. It’s important not to get slowed down by boiling the ocean, but instead take an iterative approach. Tools, such as the cloud, are enabling business leaders to consider new options when looking at product, organizational, or IT challenges.

The Waterfall Method is great when there is a defined objective or a clearly defined end state. But it is limited for innovation – inflexible to an evolutionary final outcome.  By bringing different methods into how you address business problem solving, you allow innovations to come to market faster and allow for outsourcing all that isn’t core. Flexibility is the name of the game.

Key takeaway? Everyone is facing the same challenges, how to innovate and improve time to market or time for your company, doing so creates the agility required to come out on top.