Converged Infrastructure

You know the kid at the top of a slide who isn’t sure whether they want to go down or not? That’s pretty much everyone who is looking at Converged Infrastructure these days.  There’s a ton of excitement around the concept, but there are many unknowns. No one wants to be responsible for a potentially disastrous decision.  Well – not to worry – the ride down the slide is a good one and the landing is even better as more and more companies are making the decision to move in the direction of a converged infrastructure.  Escalating demands of business are becoming too great and IT arm within organizations are recognizing that a change is needed.  A shift in resources from low-value operations to high-value innovation is becoming critical in order to remain relevant.  To do so, a converged Hybrid IT infrastructure with the flexibility to accelerate cloud deployment, while reducing risk and increasing business agility is crucial.  One of the most innovative of such infrastructures is the FlexPod platform from NetApp and Cisco.  FlexPods are delivered as validated designs where workloads have been comprehensively tested to enable more reliable, fully predictable deployments.  The best thing is that FlexPod can be purchased either as a pre-integrated stack or we can simply provide the design for organizations to build at a varied pace.  There is even the ability to incorporate existing gear into the validated solution design.

They say that the only constant is change.  When it comes to the speed of business delivery and the need for technology to deliver at a rock solid pace while reducing costs, this couldn’t be more accurate.  The ride down the slide is a good one; one you’ll definitely want to take when it comes to Converged Infrastructure and the proven solution of a FlexPod from Long View.

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