Internet of Everything (IoE)

The terms “Digital Transformation” and “Internet of Everything” are sufficiently vague enough to make most roll their eyes at the very mention.  The reality however, is that these “catch phrases” are dramatically changing the world around us.  As we move towards connecting the previously un-connected devices, the information available to us from a personal and professional level dramatically changes how we function and make decisions.

I recently went to the store to purchase a simple smoke detector and as I stood at the aisle in my local Home Depot I found myself in an all too common debate: do I purchase the good old traditional version or the new “connected” one for 20% more? Being a notorious gadget guy there wasn’t much of a question in my mind; but at that moment my phone rang and I noticed (on my smart connected watch) that it was my wife calling.  As we spoke I thought I’d introduce her to my dilemma and much to my surprise I didn’t get the usual eye rolling feeling that I was used to, she actually saw the value of it.

As our professional world makes this shift, the million dollar question is “What is the value of digital transformation and how can I use it in my industry?” There are a lot of obvious uses, but millions more are yet to be discovered.  In the e-book Digital Transformation with the Internet of Everything there are 100 real world stories of how organizations have already started to make this transformation.


Be sure to check out a few of my favorites including:


  • City of Dubai – Reduced traffic fatalities
  • City of San Antonio – Remote court room


  • Hong Kong Academy – Collaborative learning with technology Manufacturing:
  • Sub-Zero – Accelerate product design, streamline field service, and improve production uptime


  • Children’s Hospital of Orange County – Access to virtual pediatric network to provide world-class cancer treatment
  • Houston Methodist – Wireless technology improves process, patient experience and safety

Financial Services:

  • American Bank – Proactively protect customer data from malicious hackers

The challenge for us as an industry is how do we take these examples and apply them to our individual business? Let’s work together to start and evolve this innovation. This eBook can give you some ideas on how Cisco IoE might transform your business, whether you’re in Government, Education, Energy, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail or Transportation.