HOUSTON-CultureIntegrity, Competence, Value and Fun…and of these, my favorite is FUN!

I joined the Houston Long View team four years ago, and will never forget my phone interview.  It wasn’t a typical phone interview.  They asked a little about my skills, but ultimately wanted to know what type of person I was.  The question that got the most reaction out of the Long View Recruiter I was talking to was when he asked, “What do you look for first and foremost in a company?”  My answer: “FUN”!

Integrity has always been a given for me…it is who I am.  Always owning up to my mistakes and telling the truth.  Not setting false expectations to fellow employees or to friends, for that matter.  I treat others, including clients, the way that I wish to be treated, which sets the standards pretty high.  I would not join or continue to be a part of a company that does not place Integrity #1 in its book.  I also realize the importance of both Competence and Value, but Fun is not a part of many companies’ core values and it defines me!

So, when I answered this very simple question with the word “FUN”, the recruiter actually laughed at me and asked if that was my real answer.  If I’m not having fun, I’m not happy and happiness for me means productivity, success and longevity.  (It wasn’t until after my answer that I found out that fun was a core value within the company).

Within two weeks, I was a member of the Long View Team.  I have to say, that I have NEVER had more fun at a company than I have had at Long View.  Between the weekend long family Christmas parties, “Party Like a Rock Star” bowling parties, pub crawls, mud runs, ball games, and impromptu happy hours, it is definitely the most fun that I have ever had in a work environment.

The best thing about having fun with people that you work with are the friendships that are built.  It is typical to do much more for our friends than we do for our co-workers.  At Long View, they are one in the same for me.  I have celebrated with these people, cried with these people, played jokes on these people and even shared tears of pride and fear as we sent one of our own to Afghanistan…the list goes on.  Bottom line, we come together as a family during the really tough times, and you just can’t get much better than that!