I have now listened to customers, peers, and friends talk about the conundrum they are under trying to plan for and ultimately, adopt cloud. Sure, they have moved to SaaS for things that are mature and/or just make sense. But, there are so many reasons why people don’t feel ready for this model. However, lots of folks are wanting to get out of the hardware and data center game. Well, guess what… it just isn’t that simple.

Every firm I have ever met has at least some of these things – assets that are not fully depreciated; data centers that have already sunk costs and seem to function fine; and processes that works well enough. To these folks, the idea of moving to the cloud, while palatable, is an increased cost to get going. This is where things fall apart because their strategies are not following some basic concepts:

  • Phased Approach
  • Selective
  • Opportunistic

Phased Approach – Start with your Current State

In order to have a phased approach, you need to have a total view. This means you need the financial, business, and technology views of your current environment. You need to understand what IT is costing you today, how it is perceived, and how you feel you are executing. Do you offer a good value in IT services to your firm? Start there.

Selective – Start Seeing What is Cloud Friendly

Once you know that you have and how it is perceived, you will be able to quickly uncover what services you have are good candidates to make a change to. Some things might be great SaaS candidates. Others might be good to just get moved to a cloud provider so you stop managing the hardware and in many cases the software (think things like some messaging/email environments).


When you sit down and say “Hey our storage is ready for refresh,” realize the power of that opportunity. Most storage refreshes happen because the magical math shows that you will lower your costs per GB over a three year period. However, what if your storage refresh also allowed you to finally get that IM/UC/Email upgrade you have been wanting to get budgeted all for a wash in costs? Do you take advantage of the moments where need is coupled with advantages for your business so that they get to see some benefits that were realized. What if you not only delivered these services but also showed it was on the cloud and that you effectively got something off of hardware in your location? Just remember that the cloud is here to stay. You will require flexibility in your plan, vendors, and processes.


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