Data and back up are continuing to grow at an exponential rate, as are the business challenges that accompany any advancement in technology. This week we have been watching announcements from HP Discover conference in Barcelona, and here are some solutions that help address these common pain points.

Upgraded Security

In the HP StoreOnce product line, HP has announced an upgraded operating system which will add backup integrity checking, VLAN tagging, and multi-tenancy capacities.  An optional StoreOnce Security Pack Software will provide the ability to encrypt data at rest and securely erase data for compliance purposes.

Physical and Virtual models

To complement the OS upgrade, HP has introduced a number of new physical and virtual models.  The virtual solution is a StoreOnce VSA which can be used in Cloud and ROBO deployments.  The following physical solutions have been added to the portfolio:

Model Capacity
HP StoreOnce 2700 Series 5.5TB
HP StoreOnce 4500 Series 36TB
HP StoreOnce 4700 Series 160TB
HP StoreOnce 4900 Series 432TB
HP StoreOnce 6500 Series 1.7PB


95% Reduction in Stored Backup Capacity

The StoreOnce 6500 Series offers a capacity of 1.7PB (estimated 35PB with deduplication) and promises to be 40% faster than the StoreOnce 6400.  HP is also offering a guarantee under a new program called the “HP Get Protected Guarantee Program”.   The program guarantees a 95% reduction in stored backup capacity consumption when using solutions from the new portfolio.

2X Performance

In the HP StoreAll product line, HP has announced the StoreAll 8200 Gateway.  This device will be available in February, will provide 2x the performance and is estimated to cost $34,650.00 USD.

Public Cloud to In-House Production

An upgrade to the HP StoreAll OS (v6.5) in January will provide support for OpenStack Object Storage.  This will allow for Cloud Storage applications to be developed in the public cloud and then moved in house for production.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

The StoreAll will have enhanced ExpressQuery search capabilities and will provide more flexible queries, customizable reports, and file auditing for data forensics or discovery.

Increased Performance and Reduced Latency

In the HP 3PAR StoreServ product line, HP has announced an upgrade to the OS and larger MLC SSD’s (480GB and 920GB) which will be available in the new year.  The results of these improvements will be increased performance and reduced latency.  Optional Priority Optimization Software will provide QOS functionality for applications or tenants.

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