OK, it’s not really “No”, we are a customer service company after all…..

One of the keys to being an effective IT consultant is the ability to respectfully and tactfully push back on a customer request.  This is not as counter intuitive as it might seem. In fact the concept is embedded in two of Long View’s core values Competence and Value!

When companies hire IT consultants they are hiring an expertise or capacity they don’t maintain internally. The value proposition when hiring an expert is that they provide professional advice that marries industry best practices with practical application within the constraints of the organization hiring the consultant.

Inherent in the value chain is the necessity for a consultant to recommend against strategies or tactics that are suboptimal or introduce excessive risk.

Despite the customers desire to consume a particular solution, professional IT consultants must stand steadfast in their recommendations and ensure customers understand and sign off on risks associated with alternate solutions.

A consultant’s competence must come from both training and experience.

At Long View, for example, our IT consultants have the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Development program, the newly launched Consultant Development program, multiple technical training courses, and industry conferences. They are also responsible for delivering over 400 technical projects a year.

Our PMO conducts lessons learned from each project so we can bring our previous experience to every engagement, completing the value cycle.

That is professional IT consulting!

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