Houston IT Services

How do you fit 365 days of effort into 91?

How do you grow in a market that is adding 6000 people a week to its metropolitan area?

How do you help execute compound year over year growth from 22-56%?

To us here at Long View, there are a few obvious solutions:

1.  You hire Aggies (sorry ….Longhorn’s).
2.  You hire senior architects and consultants from the energy sector.
3.  You hire former US Navy Commanders and fighter pilots.
4.  You find people that agree that “y’all” is a word.
5.  You make sure boots are worn not ties.
6.  Know the difference of Upstream, Downstream and Midstream.
7.  And understand that this is a place that got us to the Moon, is home to the largest concentration of healthcare research (and driving the cure for Cancer), and it has the second most Fortune 500 headquarters in America.

That, my friends, has been the recipe for Long View’s success in “H-town” ever since we opened our branch here in 2006.

Now with clients spanning the energy and healthcare sector, Houston continues to attract the best of the best in the IT market.  With our team of 130 employees (expecting to add another 121 in FY15) the opportunity is as high as our view from the 41st floor of our tower on McKinney St.

The heart of IT has always been the people, and a passion for technology.  Our team has been helping more enterprise and mid-market clients than you can shake a stick at transform their IT operation, through our expertise in:

–          Hybrid IT
–          Converged Infrastructure
–          End User Computing
–          Managed Services
–          Data Center Virtualization
–          Oil Rig Mobility Management
–          High Performance Computing (HPC)

So y’all might be thinking that we are just talking the ear off a cow, but so far we’ve helped some of the world’s leading energy companies save and optimize over tens of millions in capital and operational expenses.  We are leading North America in its transition as a global net-positive energy producer.

This year alone we’ve doubled and our strategic partnerships with EMC, HP, VCE, Cisco and NetApp are helping us more than ever before.

Are we happy in Houston?   Happy as a clam at high tide.