Cloud Hotel

Photo taken by Ian T. McFarland

If you want a real cloud service, then look no further than a hotel. That is the one thing out there that truly shows what it can be like if you want to have access to the right combination of services that suit you. Let’s see if they might apply to technology related cloud services….

I Need a Room – A Shared Service

I recently went to a hotel. I rented a room. Lots of people were there doing the same thing. Some rooms are bigger and others smaller. However, they are generally the same thing with some basic infrastructure – bed, bathroom, coffee maker, and TV. Anything else I want or need I either bring with me or get as an additional service from the hotel.

Lock that Door – Secure Multi-Tenancy

I got to my hotel pretty late that night. Once I got to my room, I shut and locked the door and unpacked my stuff. That was pretty nice to know I was safely secured and able to provision my gear into my own private space.

Help Me Out – Other Services

I got up that AM because I had called down asking for a wakeup call. Pretty nice having my own service desk that catered to my needs. I also used them that AM to send up some eggs and bacon. All of this delivered to my room! But, the next day I went down and had breakfast in a shared area with everyone else. Sometimes it makes sense to use the public services and other times not.

Check Please – Predictable Costs

There were no real surprises for me when I paid the bill. I only paid for what I needed. I didn’t have to go out and buy a carton of eggs, butter, bacon, pillows, a TV, etc. I used what I needed, some shared elements and others that were customized for my short stay. Ultimately, I paid for what I needed and expected. No need to over-provision.

Be sure the cloud (hotel) you pick has the right blend of services, security, and costs for you.


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