Telemerge -The Four Pillars

Video doesn’t just happen. Just ask anyone who uses free video conferencing tools like Skype or Google Hangouts and they will tell you that sometimes it does and sometimes it does not…good luck predicting the timing. What do you do when your video disappears in the middle of a conference call? You might spend a few minutes reconnecting, checking your settings and testing your webcam. But if there is no resolution you’ll likely abandon the call and use another form of communication, or postpone your meeting altogether.

Negative experiences like those can cause people to think of video as an unreliable technology that isn’t worth the effort.

Many companies that have adopted video have also invested heavily in boardrooms with expensive equipment that looks intimidating and complicated (even if it isn’t). Technology always has an associated learning curve. People will forget and people will get it wrong. It is also inevitable that someday, there will be technical issues.

None of this is a concern if you know who to call for instructions or to make things right. But if you don’t or there is no one to call, then chances are that you’ll end up in the same boat as the free video conferencing app users. Furthermore you’ll probably develop a healthy distaste for video which does not bode well for adoption.

Negativity (and lower adoption) breeds when you are not able to reach the people you need to. Video conferencing technology must be an option, regardless of who you call or where they are located; so a solution that enables extensive reach is a must.

The inability to connect outside of your network, from home, on the road or anywhere else leads to reduced usage as people communicate in other ways and simply forget that video conferencing is available.

The point of all this is that video should just happen, and it will if you have the right system built on a foundation that includes technical support, adequate reach, equipment and network. We call these ‘the four pillars’ and they are essential for supplying a great video conferencing user experience each and every time which in turn ensures greater adoption, and the ROI you expect from your video solution.


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