The New Service Delivery

In my opinion, Seth Godin provides the most succinct insightful blogs on the internet. This one struck me:

It’s a great book, it has no typos!

“And you really have to check out this hotel, it’s dark in your room at night. And quiet, too.”

“Quality is now a given. Quality alone is not remarkable.”

“Surprise and delight and connection are remarkable.”

As a service provider this blog could not be more relevant, it’s a cheeky 36 word strategy manifesto!

At Long View we have four core values: Integrity, Competence, Value and Fun. We have often said they are ordered intentionally. As global market forces continue increase choice and competition our core values must be equally weighted. We must be the best in our market segment across all four dimensions.

Over the last 12 months the most significant step we have taken to continue to increase quality but also introduce surprise, delight and connection is our Service Management Office (SMO).

This may seem like an oxymoron; how can an ITIL COBIT based team who is inspired by designing process and writing service catalogues introduce creative elements of surprise, delight and connection?

In actual fact the Service Management Office has been extremely effective at creating a reliable and repeatable operating environment complete with early warning signs of service issues, which provides the time for our front line staff to concentrate on the value elements that will surprise, delight and connect with our customers.

Over the last 12 months the SMO has created a standard operating procedure manual that stretches across all our reoccurring revenue offerings and is now part of corporate onboarding. It has kicked off a Knowledge Management project with the customer as the primary key rather than the Long View line of service. A service realization process has been built to improve our ability to quickly and effectively bring new products and services to market. The SMO has also revamped incident and change management to make them focused on service restoration and availability instead of being viewed as a hurdle for our consultants.

Next year the SMO will focus on continual service improvement, Net Promoter scores and alignment of corporate governance and risk.

Through these initiatives producing a book with no typos is automatic and we can focus on making sure the story is exciting, suspenseful and a joy to read.

If you would like to learn more about Long View’s SMO or you have ideas on how to improve our services I would love to talk to you, please leave a comment below, email me at or reach out on Twitter at @pedge07.