We are lucky enough to have incredible employees here at Long View – from established veterans in their field to impressive up-and-comers.

Often up-and-coming employees are those that are executing at a high level on a frequent basis. Vague, high level objectives are turned into fantastic outcomes, with clear and broad communication framing the solution.

As these individuals are given more responsibility, gears shift from individual productivity to team based performance. Thus a manager is born. Satisfaction is derived from the team achieving a goal and success is attributed to the entire team.

I had a great reminder this week of how powerful the enablement of employees can be and how the outcomes can far exceed your expectations – if the leader can set parameters and then get out of the way.

Jeff Young took over our Tools Team in Shared Services and quickly embarked on project with the loose parameters to increase effectiveness of the tools and reduce costs. Simple, right?

Well, the Tools Team came back with a set of recommendations that would cut our operating costs in half and free up the team to work on the enablement of our go-to market team instead of maintenance of our systems. The findings were presented in both technical and business terms and were tailored to the audience which included executives, directors and practice leaders. Awesome!

I would encourage all of our service delivery leaders to consider what their team could be capable of if there were no barriers, and then do the work to remove them. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what great leaders do and it is what high performance teams need.

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