Wine And IT

There are many factors that go into producing a great bottle of wine. The vineyard or terroir, the grapes, the weather, when the grapes are picked, how fermentation occurs, for how long and at what temperature and whether oak is used or not and if so…what kind of oak and for how long. Literally dozens of factors contribute to the entire process and a Winemaker is faced with ever increasing complexities in making the right decisions long before the wine is ever bottled. By the time that great bottle of wine lands on your table many subtleties you have no visibility to will have contributed to what goes in your glass. Most of us only care that we drink something we enjoy and want to share…how it got to us is much less relevant. Interestingly enough, the way many businesses want to approach their IT solutions is with similar purpose, and rightly so.

When thinking about the services and products Long View offers our customers we face a similar challenge to the Winemakers’ plight. Customers usually do not want visibility into all of the variables that go into designing the right solutions for their business. They are most concerned with whether the product or service does what it was intended to. In the same way I do not stop to review all of the data points on a bottle of wine, our customers expect us to simplify their IT. Our role is to bring the solutions to the table designed to contribute value, predictability and service. This is what we excel at.

There are many options in today’s market for building a solution and hiring an IT provider. What should you procure versus lease? What services should you outsource, insource and in what environment will those services work best. Private cloud, public cloud, or your own infrastructure….tons of decisions needs to be made in order to drive the best decisions for your organization. When compiling all of the factors and variables that go into making these decisions customers can easily be overwhelmed. I love wine, but the thought of being tasked with producing a great bottle on my own is not something I’d ever consider. When considering why you should look to Long View to assist in creating your Hybrid IT strategy, think of the Winemakers’ analogy and how working with a group of people who do this every day will benefit your business. And after our team of consultants work to create and implement a strategy for you, not just any strategy but one that uniquely fits your business DNA, imagine how good that next glass of wine will taste.

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