This year will mark the 4th time that I’ve supported the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer by grinding it out with my friends and colleagues. The two-day cycling event takes place every August and will see thousands of cyclists – some pretty hardcore, and some pretty not – take on nearly 250 kms of hilly terrain in the foothills of Alberta.

It is an inspiring and special event, and we all ride for someone, but that goes without saying.

I’ll be riding in honour and memory of my friend Alex, who was taken from us in April of 2009.

He had been fighting brain cancer for just over two years and, when his tumor returned after an initial surgery and round of chemo, he decided that he didn’t want to give up the quality of what time he had in the chance that the quantity could be increased. His tumor was impossible to completely remove and the chemo had only a marginal chance of success. Alex knew that life isn’t marked just by the ticking of time. Every time I reflect on this, his rationalization and the wisdom behind it, it still seems exceptionally profound to me for such a young guy.

Each rider raises donations to support research against cancer and we are approaching the funding drive with a unique idea this year. We’re going to sell our shirts! Ok, we’re going to sell space on the Long View team uniform we’ll be wearing. Who wouldn’t want their logo or message rolling along with us? In the past, we’ve been media darlings due to our standout energy – and we’re certainly not going to slow down in any capacity this year!

Stay tuned for a follow up post on how the training is going.

P.S. If you are interested in sponsoring our team, please contact me at laura.vezer@lvs1.com!