'Follow the Sun' Amsterdam IT Jobs

In May of 2015 Long View announced a major milestone for the company with the official opening of its first European office located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This milestone marks the successful realization of  the first stage of our ‘follow the sun’ support strategy, which will not only expand the physical presence of the company into new geographies to improve support capabilities, but will also enhance the delivery of services and the well-being of our people.

We are a branch-based company and a growth-oriented company. We’ll continue to do what we do best – bringing value to our clients through sustainability, innovation, and customer-service dedication — and we’re very excited to be establishing a presence in the European market.


Why Amsterdam?

It’s probably the question we get most often, while the Netherlands boasts a competitive fiscal climate, the primary drivers for choosing a suitable location were focused not on cost but on improving service delivery, increasing productivity, and providing a better work life balance for Long View staff.  With a time difference of 8 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time, Long View can now offset its after-hours support requirements to its Amsterdam location, allowing access to a larger daytime resource pool and the provision of improved working hour conditions for our staff.  This ability to migrate after-hours support to a normal daytime shift in Amsterdam also provides us with the capability to apply more effective leadership to the after-hours team which has already resulted in significant productivity and service quality improvements.

In addition to the already mentioned benefits of the Amsterdam location, which are no doubt significant enough, there are many other advantages to be mentioned. The Netherlands is one of the most ‘wired’ countries globally and has one of the world’s best and most connected technology infrastructures which helps to ensure the optimal performance and continuity of Long View’s IT services. It is also harbor to a conducive and innovative environment, and is culturally similar to both North American and Long View’s culture. In its role as the gateway to Europe, Amsterdam is one of the world’s most prominent international business environments in the world and offers a mature and dynamic workforce.

While Dutch may be the national language spoken in the Netherlands, nearly everyone speaks and writes in English and often several other languages at, or very close to, a first language level.

With its beautiful canals that span 100+ kms, historic sites and culturally rich setting. Amsterdam was the clear and obvious choice for Long View’s first European office and first leg of our “follow the sun” 24/7 support strategy.

'Follow the Sun' Amsterdam

Long View Amsterdam 2015 Holiday Party

Aan de slag! / Let’s get to work!

We have a few consulting openings on our Amsterdam team, see if we have a role that’s right for you – http://www.longviewsystems.com/jobs/