longviewfloodhelp-blogIt goes without saying that the floods that struck southern Alberta just two weeks ago created a lot of difficulty and hardship for people living in the impacted areas.

Our Calgary office was closed when the power grid for the downtown area went down. And we were shut out for almost the entire week afterwards as the City of Calgary worked to restore power. That week will be remembered by all of us for a long time. I was truly proud to be a Calgarian and felt both inspired and moved by the extraordinary lengths Long View employees, as well as friends and family, went to in order to help others recover.

Our response in Calgary had three equal, and just as important, parts to it.

The first was to look after our staff, some of who were displaced.

The second was to ensure our clients were up and running.

And the third was to see how we could help in our communities.

The Thursday before the flooding, we were closely watching the changing weather forecast.   That afternoon, we told employees in the Calgary office they could head home early because reports of the flooding were coming in. The next morning, when we all saw the images of our city under water, we assembled a team to help coordinate our efforts to this unique situation.

Twenty-one Long View employees were forced from their homes. We quickly set up an intranet discussion board that Calgary staff could access remotely. People offered up things like carpooling, babysitting and housing. When the power came back on and we were able to get into our building, we quickly realized that our staff might have a hard time getting into the downtown core.  So we arranged a Long View bus from the south part of the city to get them to and from our office.

Meanwhile, as we were looking out for our team, we were also doing everything we could for our clients. Members of our Managed Services team worked around the clock to make sure all impacted systems were safely powered down, and then powered back on once we had services. A lot of Long View customers were also forced out of their offices due to the flooding and were working remotely, so our consultants with expertise in remote access systems like Citrix were kept pretty busy keeping everyone connected. I’m happy to say we didn’t miss a step, and noticed that more than one client decided to make the switch to our Cloud and OnDemand technology.

Above and beyond our desire to help our own staff and customers, was our desire to help impacted communities. Once we had home base secure, we gave Long View employees carte blanche to get out into affected areas to help with clean up and restoration. We had people rolling up their sleeves and cleaning out basements in Bowness, Mission, Roxboro, and all along Elbow Drive.

I’m hoping that we don’t ever see anything like that again. But seeing how the Long View family came together to help each other, our clients and our communities, was something I will never forget.