During a recent interview, I was asked several questions about HPE’s IoT strategy, which included a reference to A May 2017 Forbes article Could Hewlett Packard Enterprise Be An IoT Sleeping Giant?

I wouldn’t necessarily embrace the term “sleeping,” especially given the fact that this past August we opened what will be the first of three Global IoT Innovation Labs in Houston, as well as completing our acquisition of Aruba. For those unfamiliar with Aruba, HPE sees this wireless innovator as a driving force in what the Forbes article referred to as a “transformation of digital workspaces and the creation of intelligent spaces.” In short, when it comes to HPE’s evolving vision that enables us to progressively utilize IoT capability to meet current client needs while anticipating future client requirements we are anything but sleeping.

As one of the featured keynote speakers at Long View’s ActivateDigital2018 conference in February, I will be talking about the specific forms the HPE IoT vision takes, including how HPE’s TurnKey IoT Proof of Concept (PoC) is helping organizations to move autonomy to the edge and deploy robust solutions across multiple industries.

However, and in explaining our IoT strategy to the reporter, the question regarding how HPE arrived at this point of authoritative leadership came up. My immediate response was simple; as the new GM of HPE Canada, I have enough history with the company to appreciate it’s heritage, but not too much history to lose sight of the fact that responding to the changing needs of the company’s clients is what matters the most.

Finding this balance between leveraging past successes without being confined or limited to them thereby hindering our ability to pursue future goals is critical to the execution of our vision. Let’s face it, today’s IT solutions are very different than they were three years ago which means we all need to evolve. This evolutionary ability is perhaps one of the main reasons why HPE has been able to leverage its historical expertise in the IT world to create a clear pathway to meeting the expanding demands of the brave new world that is IoT.