I’ve worked in People Services with Long View since starting with the company in 2007. In my time here I’ve seen first-hand, our culture grow and flourish. What I’m most proud of, as a veteran Long View employee, is the way that career progression is hardwired into the foundation of our culture.

All of this is on my mind as I think back to the third LVS Expo I’ve helped assemble, which took place this October. The Expo is a great way for us to showcase opportunity to our existing staff, and to indulge in some of our unique culture character at the same time.

Long View consistently encourages movement between different disciplines of our organization. I think this promotes a much stronger overall team, with a cross pollination of skills and talents between different departments. It’s great for our staff, as each person has the ability to shift their career and try a new direction.

Change is growth and that’s a philosophy we’ve built into the company, with the Expo as a prime example of this.

Over 400 people attended this year’s version. If you’ve never been, the Expo is a big, loud, boisterous event. One that you can’t help but step away from without a huge smile on your face. There are games, contests, prize draws, and a whole lot of interactive learning and hijinks. Long View teams are responsible for building a booth that shows off their mojo. Then we award prizes for the best booth in various categories.

It can get pretty imaginative. And competitive.

The Expo continues to grow and represent what we are and what we’re looking for; people that can embrace our core values of Integrity, Competence, Value and Fun.

In others words, they’re passionate about IT, well rounded, and active in different activities outside of their careers, and are engaging people that can connect with their clients and coworkers alike.