I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon since I started at Long View. After celebrating my one-year anniversary, I looked back and thought to myself how quickly those twelve months seemed to fly by. It’s probably because time really does fly when you’re having fun. And I think the more fun you have with people the better you feel you know them.

I started with Long View in the Calgary office after working in some fairly corporate environments. I’m happy I found this company because it’s made a huge difference in the way I feel about and approach my work! We definitely have a distinct way of doing things and I’d never experienced so much flexibility and spirit at a place of work before.

The things that created that sense in the Calgary office are just as true in Vancouver. I had always wanted to live on the West Coast and when the opportunity came up to move to Vancouver with Long View, I jumped.

I’ve only been in Vancouver since June but I’ve already connected with my team and many others in the office.  We do cool stuff out here that helped me get to know everyone really quickly. Most recently a huge group of us attended a minor league baseball game between the Vancouver Canadians and the Eugene Emeralds on a Sunday afternoon. It was a great opportunity to spend more time with some of the consultants and others that work out of the office. I spent more time chatting with my work friends than watching the game…and to be honest I can’t even remember who won!

There’s always energy in the office on a daily basis, too. When I first started in Vancouver, someone noticed that all of the bananas in the kitchen were brown and instead of throwing them away we divided into teams and had a ‘banana bread bake off’. One of our technical guys won the bake off – he woke up early so it was freshly baked and warm still!

Things like that help create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. Sure, we work hard, but it’s nice when you come in and it doesn’t always feel like “work”.