Big or small when it comes to mobile in your business…. Employee choice is spreading amongst mobile devices.  Gone are the days when IT ruled the device fleet in the enterprise. BYOD, iPhones, and Android devices have ushered in not just a new era in devices, but a whole new management paradigm. Call it “The New IT” – to take a page from Apple’s book. What’s the new IT all about? It is about managing data, not devices; it’s about collaboration, not silos; ultimately it is about user engagement and choice. This is a profound shift in the way devices have historically been managed and used. Phones are no longer the simple email devices they once were. It is more accurately a mobile computing tool.

What does this all boil down to? Employee choice is driving the device fleets in enterprise, with an unprecedented level of user engagement and productivity on the go. Apps are fuelling mobile productivity within organizations. Organizations embracing mobile apps and devices are reaping the rewards. Users are more engaged than ever because they are able to use the devices they love thus business processes are simplified and streamlined. There are over 200 management tools for devices on the market, with this entire buzz, it is important to filter out the noise.

Apps and Productivity

Mobile apps you know them, you love them. Most people’s “go-to” apps are on their home screen at all times, and their muscle memory takes them to them at will. Mobile applications are also driving entirely unheard of efficiencies in organizations that are willing to embrace change, embrace apps, and most of all, embrace employee choice. Mobile applications are opening up a plethora of different ways to make the mobile worker more productive. The recently released Microsoft Office apps for iPad are a great example, document fidelity is ensured whether you’re working at a coffee shop, airplane, or at the office. Enabling mobile employees and executives alike to choose the best methodology for them has proven a successful strategy. Productivity is no longer governed by a desk job. With the right technology and applications in place to facilitate mobile productivity, organizations are able to innovate even further with such programs as “hoteling” or desk sharing – where an employee does not hold a defined desk but rather “hotels” in a desk for a day or number of days they intend to be in the office. This not only facilitates a high degree of employee flexibility but also with the correct organizational policies, allows your organization to save an unprecedented amount on real estate and office costs.  Mobile applications have also reinvented business processes changing paper based processes – even those with legal signatures!  It has transformed this task from taking day(s) to completing in minutes.

The Apple Halo Effect

With IOS as the most mature mobile enterprise operating system currently on the market, it is no coincidence as to what happens next; BYOD is expanding to other parts of mobile computing such as laptops and desktops. Apple has without a doubt a driving force in the mobile world End users and CIO’s alike are realizing the benefit of user choice. In many cases we see higher employee engagement, higher levels of efficiency, and more agility. Apple’s Mac OS X is making headway into many organizations including: Banking, Media, Oil and Gas, etc.  Adopting Mac OS X can be valuable when responding to employee choice and has an exceptionally TCO, when compared to other devices in your organization.

Long View has proven BYOD methodologies that optimize data security, data management while facilitating an exceptional user experience. We are constantly reinventing business processes for our clients and finding ways to leveraging innovative technologies to lower business costs. Apple’s continued integration with Microsoft standards combined with the latest Mac OS X taking security cues from IOS, make there no better time to open the door to employee choice of Apple products. All your existing data sources, directories, and security policies can in most cases be transposed over to Mac OS X seamlessly to the end user!

Long View Systems can perform a free readiness assessment of Mac OS X integration in your organization. You may be more ready than you think! Book a Free Mobility Assessment with our Experts!