The Christmas Gala of the Rockies! When attending a holiday party, it is considered common to see a few Santa hats, perhaps a jingly Elf cap or two and maybe even some Rudolph antlers or a shiny red nose, here or there.

However, at Long View Edmonton’s Christmas Gala, this year I witnessed Batman, the Joker, a couple of robots, plus a whole host of other heroes and villains, both young and old.

This was to be expected, as we make things more fun here in the Edmonton office. If you don’t work with us up here in northern Alberta, and subsequently were not in attendance at our Staff Christmas Gala this year, well…you missed out!

The holiday festivities are an opportunity for us to have a meaningful gathering of staff and family, and we’ve never hesitated to make the event extra special for everyone that attends.

This year was no exception, of course. The gala took place at the Jasper Park Lodge, cradled in the incredible beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The full Edmonton office, plus guests and families, for a total of over 300 people, assembled for two and a half days of celebration.

Friday night started off the event with an informal dinner for the families. This year’s theme was Comic Con: Heroes and Villains, and the scene in the dining hall of the lodge looked like something right out of the ‘Twilight Zone’. Adults and kids alike were encouraged to get in the “comic” spirit and dress up. We had music, entertainment, and artists on hand to sketch people in their costumes, providing the kids with a keepsake from the event.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed some true Canadian family fun with themed sleigh rides, marshmallow toasting, and a drop-in ball hockey tournament on the snowy outdoor tennis courts.

Finally, because adults like to also get dressed up in formal attire, on Saturday night, there was a formal dinner. This gave our staff an excuse to shine up their shoes and let down their hair to mingle with friends and coworkers that they might not ordinarily have a chance to see during the flow of our regular day-to-day work.

It is our consistent effort to ensure that there is something during the Christmas Gala for all Long View employees to participate in and enjoy. It is often said that we are a family, and one only needs to experience a coming together like the Gala to truly feel what we mean when we say this. Every year, when we bring our staff’s families together with our work families, it is especially rewarding. It is a season and reason to be thankful for our business, our friends, and our loved ones.