Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

I recently attended Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit and would like to share some ideas, concepts and thoughts with you. They inspired me; I hope they inspire you too.

My Top 10 From Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit

1. Smart machines are coming, some are already here

Meet Amelia…Amelia is a Tier 1 help desk/support center agent. She learns from other agents, she reads and interprets information, she creates her own processes based off the information provided to her and she continuously adds to her “experience and skill set” with every call and every interaction she is provided. Amelia is one of the fastest learning, most effective and efficient help desk/support center agents of the future. Amelia is a smart machine.


2. Look for big answers, not big data

Big data is a big trend right now. But big data without answers is not actionable. And, statistics show that the more choices we are given, the more our satisfaction actually decreases! What we want is big answers: intelligence applied to that data and interpretation provided so we know what action to take. Don’t just look for big data, take it one step further and make sure you have someone telling you what all that data actually means so you can do something about it.



3. Social media for help desk/support centers: embrace it

Tier 0 and peer-to-peer support is here. Don’t fear it, don’t avoid it, don’t discourage it; embrace it. Are you scared that some peers may not provide the right answer? That’s what community managers are for – they will monitor the answers and ensure the right ones are coded correctly so the right answers always float up to the top. Are you concerned that ad hoc support will not be included in your reports and data mining efforts? Don’t worry about the support you can’t track, focus on the data you do have – there should be lots of data you can report on, providing you with answers and intelligence.

4. Have lots of digital workplace initiatives on the go/in mind and not sure where to start?

Start with a Workplace of the Future Assessment Workshop. A structured and proven agenda, a facilitated workshop that helps you prioritize your initiatives with a solid action plan to execute on so you can start delivering on some of your initiatives – that’s the way to go. This approach ensures you are connecting the employer / employee experience and delivering business outcomes every time.

5. New roles in the digital workplace

With the imminent changes to this new workplace of the future, you will see new roles: Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Data Scientist, Information Steward, Information Manager, IT Legal Professional, Digital Archivist, User Experience Designer, Community Manager, Smart Machine Architect, Digital Ethics Advocate, Workplace Ethnographer, and Digital Workplace Leader. Skills you’ll be looking for are: Networkers, New Media Moguls, Process Hackers, First Responders, App Savants and Data Mavens. Joking aside, new roles are coming, are you ready for them?



6. Digital workplace is changing the security discipline

According to Gartner Analysts, the following conventions will be going away…Convention #1: “least privilege/default to deny access” will change to “default to allow”. Convention #2: “prevention is better than cure”…by 2020, Gartner states that 60% of enterprises’ will be spending money on rapid detection and response approaches. Convention #3: “humans are the weakest link”…humans will be the strongest and smartest agents. It’s a security paradigm shift…break down those walls and approach security in a radical way.

7. Video is booming in the enterprise

Video is the new, visual and productive medium to achieve organizational goals. Why? Because you can control information consumption, you can save money with remote workers and offices, and it’s very repeatable and easy to update. Use video for help desk/support center calls, employee training, meetings, onboarding of new employees, marketing, internal communication and so much more.


8. Is your business changing? Is your organization adapting?

The nature of change, frequency, scope, degree and value of the workplace was different before the web, was different before the digital workplace era and will be even more different after the digital workplace takes full shape in the years to come. Nature of change moving from “one and done” to “serial” to “continuous”. Data, technology, tools, processes available at everyone’s fingertips. Work-life balance moves to work-life integration as everyone is always connected.

9. Human capital management (HCM) is the fastest growing application and business

What are you doing to focus on your people resource management? Do your employees have the right toolsets to perform their duties effectively? Can you accurately measure productivity of your workforce? Human capital management applications are the #1 growing business in the applications world. Do you know your competencies related to workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization?


10. Workforce of the future

Long View is creating a new and exciting solution to align to the digital workplace and workforce of the future innovations. For Long View, the mission is simple: Personalized experience. Intelligent infrastructure. Anywhere connection. Wherever passion and productivity strikes.  Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit was inspiring and scary all at the same time. The one thing I know for sure is that the workplace has already changed, and it is going to keep evolving in a drastic way. If you are looking for a strategic partner to help you with these changes, want some advice and guidance as you embrace these changes, please contact Long View. We would love to get on this innovation and evolution ride with you.