Monitor and secure your business and employees.

In a connected world, your business is no longer a place on a map.

Your line of defense against cybersecurity threats is a shifting landscape of remote entry points comprised of work-from-home employees and external partners.

To proactively identify and effectively respond to cybersecurity threats requires a high level of agility to recognize and adapt to the changing landscape within your unique security ecosystem. Our Managed Security offering provides the agility to ensure that you receive notification of the latest and relevant vulnerabilities that apply to your organization’s technology.

At a Glance:

  • Active Defense: To maintain a current security posture and capability, “Active Defense” seamlessly integrates with your networks (firewalls, routers, switches, servers, etc.), monitoring Syslog and critical telemetry data for real-time analysis against known threats and security vulnerabilities.
  • User Shield “Managed Sentinel”: As the first in the industry to secure O365, and in combination with our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC), our unique industry-leading “User Shield” service delivers the newest and most robust offering to secure the entire Microsoft cloud ecosystem.
  • Vulnerability Management: To complement our Active Defense and User Shield capabilities, our Vulnerability Management service leverages the most up-to-date technologies to identify, prioritize, and notify you of the latest and relevant security vulnerabilities.
How our Managed Security offering works for you:
  • Empowers your workforce to work remotely without fear of compromising your networks.
  • Cooperates with your existing Microsoft Office ecosystem, so your workforce can continue to work with the programs they know.
  • Keeps your security measures current by evolving with cybersecurity threats.
  • Protects you from catastrophic damage by activating immediate containment in the event of an attack or a breach.


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Client Outcomes

Our Managed Security offering consists of the following three service competencies:

  1. The following are the steps we take to "Activate" your defense:
    • We integrate with client networks by forwarding all critical logging and telemetry to a virtualized data-collector and then to our SIEM for 24×7×365 monitoring by our highly trained staff.
    • Our SIEM evaluates billions of client logging events each month against threat feeds and a proven ruleset to identify and alarm of anomalies in the network in near real-time.
    • Our analysts investigate and triage alarms from the SIEM and, if necessary, intervene and respond to critical alerts as defined by your client-specific Security Incident Response Plan.
    • Our analysts help make the best recommendations for containment and remediation. In cases where the client is fully managed by us, we work with the Long View resource to take the most appropriate action possible for a speedy recovery.
  2. Here is how User Shield secures the Microsoft cloud ecosystem of O365, Azure AD, Azure, Microsoft Identity Protection, Microsoft Defender, and MCAS using Azure Sentinel:
    • A hardened configuration of O365 prepares your network.
    • Deploy within a few days instead of weeks.
    • Sentinel is installed and begins processing Microsoft’s Defender data at cloud scale, and AI provide valuable insights and trends identifying suspicious behavior in real-time.
    • Our proven ruleset and playbooks are adapted to your organization’s specific needs.
    • Our Security Operations Center is on-deck around the clock to triage, respond, and react.
  3. With Vulnerability Management, we identify your security vulnerabilities in four key areas:
    • Network including hardware, software as well as existing and new remote access points.
    • Operating System vulnerabilities such as superuser accounts or backdoor programs.
    • Human error resulting in exploitable access points.
    • Process risks relating to ineffective process controls, e.g. passwords.

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