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Microsoft Power Platfrom

Build business applications, automate processes, analyze data, and create chatbots

The Power Platform enables low-code application development and process automation across a wide variety of connectors. Equip business users to solve their unique challenges, and extend those solutions with pro-code developers.

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At a Glance:

  • Enable your organization to make data-driven decisions by making your data consumable by everyone
  • Create low-code business applications across desktop, tablet, and mobile to deliver modern solutions to complex business scenarios
  • Easily build external secure websites for your clients and customers
  • Automate manual processes, approvals, notifications, and more with Power Automate
  • Create dynamic chatbots for internal and external use with no-code experience

Power Platform CoE: 10-Days Implementation

Long View Systems (LVS) will be providing consultation to assess, install and configure Microsoft’s Power Platform's Center of Excellence (CoE) starter kit during this engagement.

Scope The CoE is a collection of tools and components that provide useful resources to help organizations with governance, maintenance, adoption, and support of the Power Platform ecosystem. The package primarily focuses on Microsoft Power Apps (Apps/Portals), Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.   Through the many installs and education sessions Long View has found direct correlations with improving innovation, adoption, maximizing productivity and automation. Long View Systems would perform assessment and discovery to help the client configure and install the Power Platform Center of Excellence. Long View Systems will provide high level training sessions to allow clients to manage and utilize the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence reports.

Outcome The CoE also provides visibility via graphical insights, data, and analytics of the existing or net-new Power Platform ecosystem. Post CoE enablement organizations will be armed with a toolset which visualizes those insights and analytics through Power BI dashboards and reports. This enables an organization to become proactive, and enables a governed, fast, and efficient manner upon which to grow the Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem. Total effort and for this engagement will vary depending on size and complexity of the customer's environment.

Milestones & Deliverables

  1. Discovery Sessions (2 Days)
  2. COE Configuration (3-4 days)
  3. COE Training (5 days)


Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence Implementation