It strikes me that each day presents all of us with customer service opportunities. As customer service experts, our team constantly strives to create an environment that gives our clients the feeling they are heard, important, and valued.

The customer service superstar basics:

  • Smile. Shake a hand and make eye contact. A first impression lasts a lifetime.
  • Listening is key. How can you help your customer if you don’t know what they need?
  • First names make all the difference.

Are you a person that strives to make a difference in the lives of each and every person you encounter daily? At Long View, we strive to hire and retain those integrity-driven people that exemplify each and every customer service best practices. We often tell our teams that having “good” customer service is “fine” but is it “great”? Which one will you deliver? Which type of customer service representative will you be? We challenge ourselves to be the “heart of IT” and that means cultivating a lifestyle and showing you care for people – customer or not.

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