1 Millionth CompTIA A+ certified pro

A Gateway to Endless Opportunities.

What’s the easiest way to demonstrate competence to an employer, a colleague, or even a complete stranger? It’s very rare that you have the opportunity to sit down and actually show your aptitude with a process or piece of technology. Luckily, we find ourselves in a world where you can demonstrate industry excellence with a few letters: MCSE, CCNA, PMP, CISSP as examples – these days, there is a certification available to show mastery of any IT practice.

I entered IT with minimal industry experience, no certifications, and no way to show potential clients that I could help them implement the IT solutions they needed. Fortunately, Long View has an incredible Learning & Development department, and they supported me in my pursuit of the skills required to succeed in this industry. As you would in any project, I knew I needed to start at the beginning – and there’s no better place to start in IT than with the CompTIA A+ certification.

I originally considered A+ to be a foot in the door, but it turned out to be an incredible opportunity that you can read more about on CompTIA’s blog. This blog isn’t just about my incredible stroke of luck; it’s about the chance continuous learning offers. Think of the projects you might end up working on after the effort you put into your PMP or the peace of mind you can offer to organizations when they bring you onboard after you’ve obtained your CISSP. Every certification is a chance to meet fascinating people and work on challenging, yet rewarding problems.


Maybe you’ve just received a certification that you have been working towards for months, or even years – what’s next? Are you going to push towards something greater in the coming months, or enjoy the doors it has opened and relish in your achievement?