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Working Remotely During The Crisis

An office isn’t only a place on the map. It is where people come together to share ideas and make their business vision a reality. Whether in the same place physically or virtually connected, we are entering a new era in business where it is essential that employees can communicate and collaborate at any time from anywhere – quickly, conveniently, and securely.

Before the current world situation, reports indicate that 30% of companies were developing a strategy and training plan to enable employees to work from home. Post-crisis, this rate of adoption will likely accelerate and in the process forever transform our traditional working environments. From an organization standpoint, are you ready for this new reality of working remotely?

As an expert and leading authority in the field of workplace transformation, Long View will help you to design, implement and secure the right remote workforce solution to empower your employees and deliver maximum results.

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Our People

  • “We’re the first” in the industry to secure the O365 environment with our User Shield service.
  • We understand that security is on everyone’s mind now more than ever.
  • We’re committed to securing your business.

Our Clients

  • Working remotely is now and in the foreseeable future the new reality for everyone.
  • You’ve depended on Long View to secure your at-work office, you can depend on us now to secure your at-home office.

Our Prospective Clients

  • In times of change knowing all your options is smart business.
  • Find out why Long View is not just the preferred choice, but the best choice for designing, implementing and securing your remote working environment.

Our Technology

  • Long View is proud to be the 2019 Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner.
  • Learn more about how Microsoft’s new products can deliver the right solutions in a dynamically changing business environment.

Productivity + Efficiency + Security



A chat with Garrett Dunne, practice director of EUX and Greg Hartman, practice director of Digital Defence.

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Deploy Your Remote Workforce

Collab Now is a secure digital workspace that makes workers more productive and more effective by enabling a single platform for communication, collaboration, and a single point of access for the most important data and process to get their jobs done.
microsoft teams


  • Long View’s User Shield – A powerful security offering that secures the Microsoft Office 365 environment.
  • Ensures the safety and security of corporate data and infrastructure in a world where teams come to work from anywhere on any device.

Digital Workspace (Teams Solutions)

  • Create a digital space that optimizes collaboration between your teams by augmenting their efforts with automated processes, document creation, project tracking, and access to data to help them make better decisions faster.

Calling and Meetings

  • Combine phone system, PTSN calling, calling plans, audio conferencing, instant messaging, chat, meetings, video chats and documents into a unified service, easy to use across all your devices.

Agility & Resilience

  • Support for digital transformation efforts with reporting and insights to maximize ROI on this tech investment.
  • Leverage telemetry data to provide Tech Intensity and Friction scores.
  • Training for end users designed as online courses or in person workshops.

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We cannot stress enough that you take these steps with your own IT staff or any service provider to ensure effective measures are deployed rapidly to minimize disruption to your business.

Our recommendation is that in order to provide an effective solution that can be deployed rapidly, clients should focus on scaling existing deployed and familiar technology to your users to minimize disruption to operations.

We have developed a straightforward guide to help with these assessments and plans:

  • Have you advised remote workers to stick with secure WiFi only, avoid public or shared computers, locking devices or logging out during idle time, and proper handling of credentials?
  • Does your workforce have company laptops, or in a BYOD environment, do you have enough measures to secure your data?
  • Do you have effective controls surrounding approved applications, people and devices accessing your corporate environment?
  • Is your organization performing regular vulnerability scanning and patch management to ensure you are not susceptible to compromise as a result of unpatched systems?
  • What are the key systems and tools that workers need to access?
  • Do any critical systems have connectivity limitations outside the corporate network?
  • What infrastructure & tools are in place to enable remote work currently?
  • Do you have any governance or compliance restrictions on remote access?
  • Do you have authentication in place to maintain security requirements?
  • How will information about tools and requirements be distributed to users?
  • Will corporate devices require any updates or software to enable connectivity?
  • How will access from personal devices be managed?
  • What support will be available to users with connectivity issues?
  • Can your current infrastructure handle the load from increased remote connectivity?
  • Do you have licensing to distribute connectivity tools at scale?