I’ve been thinking for a while on analogies around cloud and how vast and different the offerings are.  All clouds differ in their services, quality, and expense.  It’s a myriad of options and offerings to wade through.

How to explain this to customers and colleagues in a manner that makes it easy to understand has been on my mind for a few months now.  Common conversations relate to why not use a hyper provider? What benefit does Long View bring to the table?  Why would I get IT from somewhere else when I have an IT team?

When I think of coffee, I think of the following ways to get it. And the options available to me.

1.      McDonalds (HyperProvider)

  • Single cup of coffee
  • Very low cost
  • Several sizes
  • Good quality
  • Add your own sugar and cream
  • No option for volume
  • Very impersonal experience
  • Extremely quick delivery
  • Very little flexibility to modify what’s on the menu
  • Commodity

2.      Home Brew (Internal IT)

  • Time consuming
  • Ability to tweak your brew to the exact specifications you like, yourself.
  • Lots of equipment and ingredients required for more than just coffee.
  • Very difficult to achieve volume
  • Only available in one location

3.      Starbucks (Long View)

  • Multiple options that are customizable to your needs (hot, cold, frozen)
  • Personalized service and experience
  • Able to provide volume offerings
  • More expensive
  • Excellent quality
  • Each drink is made to the specifications you request
  • Add your own sugar and cream
  • Delivery takes time due to precision and care

So what am I getting at.  Well, while you have choices on where your drinks come from, you have to think about what you really require.  Is it just a cup of coffee?  What about a Latte, or Iced drink? Are you looking for the cheapest option?  Does personalization matter to you?  Do you like to be in control?

Lots of questions, and the answers could vary depending on your needs and preferences.

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