Service Desk Champions

How can you coach your agents to be as proficient as possible?

What does that question actually mean? How do we resolve faster and cheaper? Get it right the first time? Virtually? In person? The list goes on and on.

In my 7 years at Long View, I have always asked myself (and always will) “How can we be more efficient in resolving incidents for our end users? What should we be teaching our analysts to accomplish?

Striving to become the best in the business at providing world class, yet efficient support is always going to be a topic of discussion as the workforce, market and technology are constantly evolving.

Although End User Computing will always evolve, there are some sure-fire ways to make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the top ways we succeed in this area:

  1. Owning the issue as the “face” of IT, the approach should be: “your problem is our problem.”  Analysts shouldn’t rest until the issue is resolved.
  2. Assessing the client’s needs Finding the right person or team to tackle an issue is extremely important in resolving an incident quickly.  Every team has a certain expertise.  Let the pilot fly the plane, let the mechanics make sure the landing gear works.
  3. Learning from every interaction Every customer interaction is just as important as the next even if you compare a simple password reset to a network issue.  If we do not learn from our previous incidents, it will be like the first day on the job, every day.
  4. Listening Every call or interaction is different, even if they seem the same.  Always take the time to actively listen to our customers to make sure you are customizing your approach when needed.  This allows us to drive resolution more often than not without having to do more work.
  5. Training If an incident can be solved at the Service Desk, then let it be solved.  Sharing information and training at different levels is imperative.  The “old way” of doing things is compartmentalizing information – this is inefficient.  Constantly try to find more and more ways of resolving incidents without escalating and you’ll be surprised at how much more can be solved at the previous level of support.  Quite simply if tier 3 technician feels something could have been solved on the Service Desk, then show them how.


Although these are some great ways to achieve efficiency in world class support, the most important thing is the customer.  Let’s not forget that.