Have you ever been on a across- country road trip? There are a couple of ways to grab some chow when you do it – chains or diners being the most common. It really depends on your style and how you like to be treated. Chains tend to give you the same thing in every state and you know what you are going to get. However, it tends to lack service other than an easy way to order. Diners take the service approach. Their experience is about you feeling special and the food choices may change now and again, based on what seems to be working. Service over speed is the diner way.

Cloud providers also come in chain and diner styles. You can walk in and get all the cloud you can eat. It will work, it will be consistent, and it will be what you expected every time. If you have a problem with it, you can get more of it, but don’t expect to get lots of options. However, if you want to get your cloud with some care, personalization, and maybe some homemade cherry pie, then look for a Cloud Diner. Cloud is only as good as the service tied to it. If you don’t like your liver and onions, then ask them for the chicken fried steak. They will do it with a smile because they want you to be happy with your spending choice.


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