Core Pillars

Long View’s Core Pillars — Integrity, Competence, Value, and Fun — say everything about who we are, and what we stand for. They act as a compass for our leadership, and guide our company as a whole.


  • The most important of our Core Pillars. Without integrity, nothing else matters.
  • We keep our commitments to our clients, our staff, and each other.
    We are honest with ourselves, our clients, and each other.


  • We constantly keep ourselves up-to-date on relevant technology.
  • We recognize that competence is based on both soft skills and hard skills, and we are constantly improving both of these skill sets.
  • We encourage ongoing training.


  • We understand that in order to add value, our goals and objectives must be in sync with our clients’ business requirements.
  • We make every effort to add value to our employees’ lives. We provide value to our employees when their careers are stimulated, their skills are increased, and their lives are enriched.


  • We laugh every day, many times a day.
  • A fun atmosphere means happy, productive, and engaged employees. It means creativity and innovation.