It’s coming up to the one year anniversary of the Calgary flood of 2013. Water from the Bow and Elbow rivers flooded a majority of the downtown area and affected thousands of homes and business for weeks and even months. Long View too was affected by this shocking event, but we had also prepared ourselves for the unthinkable.

Long View is committed to our employees, customers, shareholders, and suppliers. To ensure the effective availability of critical products and services, we developed a Business Continuity Planning policy in support of a comprehensive program for business continuity and disaster prevention and recovery. This exact plan helped us through the days and weeks when working downtown wasn’t an option.

Long View also works with its clients who subscribe to the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) service and helped keep their systems functioning during the flood. Typically the scope of Business Continuity activities includes all services critical to upholding and maintaining client services and required to uphold and maintain the health, reputation, and longevity of the business. Client’s senior managers from each business practice are required to participate and adhere to BCP activities and policies. This ensures the plan accurately reflects the needs and requirements of the business and can be effectively deployed, if deemed necessary. The result of this work will form the basis of the BCP and the creation of the BCP committee, which govern the scope of the BCP work.

To further ensure appropriate risk reduction measures are in place to reduce the impact of natural disasters, external threats, service level failure, or other events which may adversely affect the ability of Long View to maintain contractual obligations and corporate objectives, the BCP plan will be reviewed and fully tested under the guidance of the BCP Committee at least once annually and in accordance with relevant changes to the business operational model. Where possible, efforts will also be made to ensure the plan aligns to the business continuity requirements and expectations of Long View clients and adheres to industry accepted best practices and standards.

As a trusted delivery partner, Long View fully recognizes the importance of ensuring seamless and uninterrupted delivery of service. It is based on the understanding we have developed our internal Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to address specific events such as a disaster or denial of access affecting our offices.   This plan has three (3) key elements – Technology, People, and Processes.


Long View has a redundant network infrastructure and a telephony system that is cloud based which provides for a solid foundation for our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.  All key toolsets include redundancy to ensure continuous access.  Additionally, our consultants have the ability to work from anywhere that has internet capability (i.e., from home) to reduce the requirement for people to be away from their families during an event.


Long View takes a “one company” approach to delivering our services.  In the case of an event at one of our customers, we have the ability to pull resources from across our company to ensure appropriate delivery of services.  Our 24x7x365 redundant Network Operations Centers  (NOC, located in Calgary and Denver) are staffed at all times (these are not “lights out” NOCs) and have the ability to manage escalations and pull resources from other engagements, if required.


Aside from having a well-defined and tested BCP, it is critical to maintain a state of readiness.  Long View operational processes (including support processes for our internal infrastructure and telephony systems) are developed with Business Continuity in mind, not as an afterthought.  These processes are governed by our Quality Management System to ensure they are part of the continuous improvement cycle.


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