Azure Active Directory

Active Directory is vital – make it simple.

Long View is proud to offer Azure Active Directory – Empowered. Worry Free IT for Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

The increasingly rapid pace of business today means that you need to ensure you have as little downtime as possible. Time is becoming a commodity, requiring businesses to free up in-house IT teams to focus more on strategic business needs and less on day-to-day tasks. Your business needs freedom to be agile – an Active Directory and authentication subject matter expert (SME) gives you better operational and capital cost control.

With a cloud infrastructure SME, lost productivity from time spent troubleshooting foundational elements of your cloud environment is minimized. Your in-house team spends their time focusing on driving business outcomes rather than worrying about service downtime due to manual errors. When we simplify the system and everyone plays the parts they’re best at, efficiency and productivity rise, leading to your operational and capital costs going down.

  • Better IT service uptime
  • Stop wasting time managing IT, manage the business instead
  • Lack of expertise in cloud infrastructure
  • Better operational and capital cost control
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Pay for what they use
  • Reduced training costs
  • Reduced downtime through proactive management of Azure Active Directory
  • IT is outsourced to an expert
  • 2 Service Levels available depending on client’s Azure AD license model
    • Basic; or,
    • Premium P1
  • Microsoft Azure Subject Matter Expertise
  • Toll free 1-800 number for tech to tech support
    • Access to Long View’s award-winning Global Service Desk
  • Tier 1-4 Support, including escalation to Microsoft Support
  • Full ITIL-based incident, change, and problem management
  • “Our Clients” portal, to maintain documentation and communication with Long View
  • PCI, SOC1, and ISO27001 governance and security measures
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year (2018) for Canada
  • Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Partner of the Year (2017) for Canada
  • Long View’s support engineers are certified Azure Cloud Infrastructure technicians
  • Long View has a mature Managed Service offering which has been developed over 20 years of industry-leading experience

Your organization’s authentication, identification, and Security is critical to productivity – manage it well.

Key Benefits of Azure AD

  • Azure architecture spread across 28 countries means it is highly available – your Active Directory services are reliable
  • Single sign on means one pass-word for thousands of apps
  • Azure AD is industry-leading in security

Long View Managed Azure AD

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support, inluding escalation to Microsoft support
  • Microsoft Azure AD subject matter experts available to ensure smooth transition and maintenance
  • Monthly reporting, which includes QA and statement of charges

Client Case Study
pdf See our Azure case study.