Cloud Backup Office365

If you are responsible for ensuring the recovery of data throughout the enterprise, you may be wondering how to tackle the challenge of recovering data in Microsoft Office 365. How can you ensure that your employees will have constant access to Office 365 files and programs in the event data is lost? What happens if your organization’s Office 365 users encounter a problem that affects access? What do you do if important files or documents are accidently damaged, deleted, or lost? In such instances, a cloud-based recovery service becomes invaluable.

In the event of cancellation of an Office 365 subscription, Microsoft will delete a company’s data after 90 days if the organization cancels their Office 365 subscription. This can be problematic from a regulatory or compliance standpoint, which may require organizations to retain their data for a longer time period. Asigra allows us to reclaim control of data in cloud-based repositories, allowing users to integrate the protection of that data into their corporate backup infrastructure. This integration is a significant step forward in the backup market, as Office 365 adoption is expected to rank among the top cloud applications in use by businesses globally.

Fortunately, there’s now a simple solution. Asigra recently announced that it provides cloud-to-cloud backup support for Office 365. For organizations that must safeguard this data, especially as part of corporate or regulatory compliance requirements, this is huge news. The new capability makes it fast and simple to recover lost data based on your company’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO). What this means is that IT administrators can set policies to recover data in a timeframe of their choosing. Backup frequency is determined by the administrator, up to the level of continuous protection, to make sure the latest changes to data are captured as they occur.

At Long View Systems, we understand the importance of this development and will be extending our OnDemand Cloud Backup services based on this new feature to our customers. Why? Enterprise-class protection of cloud applications is an area of increasing importance to the industry. Microsoft reported phenomenal growth of 147% in commercial cloud services in the fourth quarter of 2014, including growth of commercial Office 365. Microsoft also noted that in November 2014, the Office 365 community reached 7.1 million users and saw an increase of 1.5 million subscribers in the September 2014 quarter alone.

Microsoft’s new subscription-based model is expected to further enhance Office 365’s growth forecast, increasing the need for cloud-based recovery of Office 365 data. The subscription model lets users work on multiple devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. With the ability to recover data back into Office 365, users benefit from ensured uptime in these environments. Furthermore, the capability extends our end-to-end protection of user data across any physical, virtual, cloud or mobile computing environment.

The addition of Office 365 support allows companies to backup and restore not only documents and spreadsheets,but also Exchange, SharePoint workspaces, and OneDrive repositories. Administrators can automate and schedule backup activities for Office 365 data, selecting the number of generations of the information that need protection, setting retention rules, and even determining different backup frequencies for each set of data. The technology keeps all backup data stored in the same repository as all other corporate data, making it easier to recover lost data on demand.

If you’ve been thinking about these issues, as you should, now is a good time to take action.  If you would like to discuss further how Long View solutions can help, please contact Adam Oruclar @