We came across a SlideShare presentation from our friends at Telemerge that lists the reasons why video collaboration in the cloud is often preferable to costly and complicated on-premise solutions. The arguments hold true for just about every cloud application or service, beyond video collaboration and so we think it’s worth noting the benefits of cloud computing here as well. You can view the presentation here, but in the meantime, here are the 9 reasons why we think everything is better in the cloud:

1. Cloud cuts costs

Cloud solutions eliminate investment required in equipment and software often requiring only a small monthly subscription fee.

2. Enables capability

Cloud computing allows organizations of any size access to tools and services that they may not have had before with the prohibitive costs or complexity.

3. Improves scalability

With the speed the business moves and changes, no one wants to commit to a long term investment. You need flexibility to be able to grow quickly when need or opportunity presents itself or to bail just as fast, if you need to. Cloud lends itself to that in spades.

4. Promotes adoption

When accessibility is there, people tend to use things. Cloud application are easier, because they have to be

5. Lets you work from anywhere

On your desk, on the road or your back patio, cloud application let you access tools and applications wherever you need them.

6. Faster deployment

Installing equipment and software on your premises can be a time consuming process, and often results in complications that take even more time, and sometimes more money to solve. Cloud solutions need only be accessed, and because the interaction with your other infrastructure is minimal deployment is quick.

7. Enhanced security

Maintaining a secure environment is costly and difficult. Cloud solutions make security the provider’s problem rather than your own.

8. Set free IT

IT people are busy. Cloud takes away some of the burden on maintaining, updating, troubleshooting, training etc. Enough said.

9. Boost connections

This one is more specific to video collaboration however cloud solutions in general do tend to have more inherent integration with other applications. That’s because cloud solution providers can leverage economies of scale to be able to develop such integrations while it is simply not cost effective for customers to do it alone. For video, cloud solutions eliminate the common problem of different types of systems not playing nicely together and makes it so that you can easily connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

As far as we are concerned everything really is better in the cloud and video collaboration is not an exception. You can read more about it in this eBook Video Conferencing & Total Cost of Ownership.