PMO Scope Change

A recent project scenario surfaced around adding significant scope change to a critical Infrastructure services initiative for a large enterprise client.  This situation was interesting as it involved approval from the internal Project Manager, IT Manager and the CIO given the cost of the change.

As a key contributor within a consulting and services organization, Long View’s PMO strives towards compliance as long as the changes are documented and financially approved by the appropriate stakeholders.

Just when endorsement was looking grim, a suggestion was made to have the cost covered by a third party vendor credit program that our client had previously purchased into.  After several attempts and levels of approval, we were able to achieve this authorization which resulted in a win/win/win for all engaged stakeholders.  While this situation was certainly under extenuating circumstances, there are five steps that can be offered as guidelines for navigating through successful scope change:

1)      If change request amounts are higher than anticipated, consider breaking into smaller financial chunks or phases of delivery for efficient turn around

2)      Work with your internal Project Resources to investigate alternatives for scope change approvals

3)      Be open to creative solutions when a client makes a unique request in order to achieve sign off

4)      Keep your focused Project Manager (PMI compliant) hat on if hurdles are identified

Do what you can to keep the project schedule moving forward including:

    • Daily emails or
    • Requests for conference calls in order to have questions answered

5)      Remember to thank all internal and external participants once your solution is applied and running successfully


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